Cutler & Co..


After 8 years at the sharp end of Fitzroy’s vibrant dining scene, Cutler & Co was ripe for a creative makeover to re-engage customers and reignite the senses.

Imagine this… Seeing a city skyline and tasting blackberries. Or hearing a violin and feeling a tickling sensation on your left knee. Or thinking Wednesdays are light red.

You’d be in good company — amongst the likes of Aphex Twin, Tori Amos, Leonard Bernstein, Mary J Blige, Billy Joel, Kanye West, Robin Hitchcock, David Hockney, Eddie Van Halen and more — who experience what is known as Synesthesia: when senses collide. This notion, the collision of the unexpected, inspired our reinvention of Cutler & Co, a century-old metalworks factory reformed into the epitome of modern dining.

Sculptured semicircular booths create quiet intimacy. A light-flooded open kitchen displays frenetic activity. Custom-designed contemporary table lighting meets a random collection of junk-shop memorabilia. Knobbly gourds and pumpkins sit alongside elegantly styled bar tables. An elaborately ornate side table, at home in a Versailles drawing room, rests against the raw unfinished factory wall.

Think contemporary mixed with antique. Custom-built competing with reclaimed. Curated coalescing with haphazard. A hit-or-miss mix of textures — velvety vs granular, crunchy vs smooth, earthy vs. glossy — that intensifies the experience and keeps patrons coming back for more.

The restyled Cutler & Co is all about a celebration of difference. A playful play of opposites. A disruption of the senses. The creative amalgamation of an eclectic collection of elements that shouldn’t work together, but somehow do.


Fitzroy, Victoria




Architectural Design
Interior Design
Furniture Selection
Decor & Styling

Design Team

Iva Foschia
Mimi West
Graham Ho
Kathryn McKenzie


Photography by Earl Carter

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