Attica lays claim to being the highest ranking Australian restaurant in the 2017 World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards. A result driven by multi-award winning chef Ben Shewry’s passion for inventive, beautifully balanced, modern cuisine.

Like interior design, great cuisine is not just about selecting the right ingredients. It’s about taking what exists and crafting a new expression of flavor, texture and delight. Evocative, emotional and thought-provoking.

With Attica, our instinct was to break away from common cues. To create a sophisticated upscale setting from new ingredients. We began to explore the role of fire – the essential element of cooking – and its transformative effect on the landscape. This evoked dramatic images of colour, tone and texture animated by the indigenous and earthy tones found in the Australian landscape. From rocky outcrops of smoky-grey stones, to woody branches and aromatic evergreen leaves.

The palette also reflects the charred and ashen landscape after a regenerative eucalypt forest burn. Shades of graphite and charcoal. Copper drapes streaked with shimmering thread. Lampshades of beaten brass. Granular grey-flecked Castlemaine granite table tops. Textured black carpet mirroring the ‘ash-bed effect’ after a fire.

Signs of renewal are evident too. Slabs of raw timber cut from reclaimed trees. Baskets of native hand-woven grass cradling healing bunya bunya seeds. Evocative photographs of bush landscape as new growth emerges. This interplay, symbolizing the eternal cycles of nature, conspires to create an atmosphere of hushed reverence. And like the soft down-lights that focus on the centre of each table, all is designed to showcase the food.

Here the symbols of renewal and regeneration become reality, with ingredients freshly plucked from Attica’s own garden at Ripponlea, a mere 350 metres away. Considering that patrons can wait many months to secure a booking, the experience never disappoints.




Ripponlea, Melbourne




Architectural Design
Interior Design
Branded Spaces
Furniture Selection
Decor & Styling
Sustainable Design

Design Team

Iva Foschia
Mimi West
Kathryn McKenzie


Photography by Tom Blachford

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