Architecture and interior design is a blend of multiple disciplines to express a singular vision. We draw inspiration from a myriad of influences, including art, fashion, psychology, branding, graphic design, social and cultural trends, as well as the best examples of architecture from around the world, both historical and contemporary.

Our clients include category-leading global corporations, cutting-edge creative companies, innovative restaurant entrepreneurs, market-winning Australian retailers and homemakers seeking a place to enhance their lifestyle.

In a home, the outcome may be comforting, relaxing and nourishing. In a store, welcoming and engaging, conducive to browsing and exploration. In a café, stimulating, convivial and intimate. In a workspace, a motivator of professionalism and focussed productivity. In each case, our role is to create an emotional experience of a physical space that satisfies our client’s needs and objectives now and into the future.

“I would like the end result of our work to seem effortless.”

Iva Foschia is the founder, principal and lead architect at IF Architecture. After launching IF Architecture in 2010, Iva’s original work and design expertise has attracted major projects from a broad range of significant clients.

Iva has a naturally collaborative approach to her design process. She believes that open engagement with her clients inevitably leads to a more comprehensive and integrated expression of their objectives.

The studio has created a wide body of work that speaks for itself, encompassing the sectors of residential, retail, commercial and hospitality. Iva retains her curiosity, wonder and excitement for the design process, which always begins and ends in a new place.


Each project we undertake is an individual expression unto itself, with the starting point of the process emanating more from client than architect.  The first duty of an architect is to listen. To cast aside any pre-conceived notions and focus on our client’s needs and wishes.

We rarely ask a client how he or she thinks the finished product should look. Instead we ask: How do you want to feel in the space? How will it best serve you? Physically, practically, emotionally and aesthetically? In the case of our work in the retail, corporate and hospitality sectors, the same core questions apply to our client’s colleagues, staff, customers and patrons.


Residential design is the most personal of all architectural applications. It calls for empathic understanding of our client’s needs, desires, likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams. And most essential, your vision for the project.

Good residential design embraces and enhances our client’s way of life, adding a new dimension to everyday living, creating a space our client loves to be in.

The integration of architecture and interior design in one office is of immeasurable benefit in achieving these goals. Each residential project we undertake is an individual expression unto itself, as unique as each client, an integrated embodiment of our client’s wants and needs.


Good corporate design has a positive commercial outcome. It acts as an ambassador for the brand and a motivator for management and staff. It can reinforce company culture, elevate performance and enhance client engagement – setting the tone for what the business represents, its values, style and personality, both internally and externally.

At a practical level, our role is to create a tailored, integrated workspace, consistent with the business’s work ethic, process and procedures. Our experience in the sector ranges from meticulously crafted professional headquarters for Fortune 500 corporations to interactive creative workplaces for cutting-edge new businesses.


Hospitality is often the most competitive and challenging of architectural sectors. What creates the difference between a highly successful venture attracting a full house every evening and the premises next door that fails to hit the mark? Our experience in the category allows us to identify the markers of success and confidently deliver them in inventive and exciting ways, working with our clients to create a fully integrated and magnetic experience.

Together we explore the process of customer engagement at a sensory level, determining the balance of bold design gestures to more nuanced visual/tactile expressions. Key considerations are spatial arrangement and the mix of colour, texture and materials – soft and hard, warm and cool – to create a unique and memorable ambience in a seamless operational environment.


The essence of retail design is to create a distinctive shopping experience for the customer, one that stimulates inspiration and exploration. We work with our clients to ensure their customers feel welcome and comfortable in the space, while generating a level of excitement and intrigue.

These seemingly intangible qualities are achieved through inviting entranceways, easy natural flow and subtle change to maintain interest and create the atmospherics that allow the customer to feel at home. Our work creates a space and an experience that is an authentic expression of our client’s brand and an effortless interface between customer and merchandise.