Jardan Melbourne.


Jardan is design-driven, handcrafted and family-focussed. A quintessentially Australian brand. Our vision for their new flagship store in Church Street, Richmond aimed to capture this essence. Stylish and contemporary. Yet a space that feels more like a home than a store.

From the street, the building (a former call centre) is now bold, simple and well-branded. To add a touch of grandeur, the exterior features a polished brass wrap-around with embossed Jardan insignia.

The ground floor and upper level display areas are welcoming and engaging. Downstairs more casual and earthy, while upstairs presents a more polished impression with spaces divided into open room settings for the visitor to explore.

A sky-lit courtyard with flourishing trees and plants, plus a working kitchen with an espresso machine, complete the homelike environment.

Every decorator item in the store is individually selected: from paintings, sculpture and artwork; to the eclectic collection of decorative pieces; to the real books on the bookshelves; to the trees and plants that bring a fresh natural feel to the space.

In contrast with most stores, here the visitor is encouraged to take their time, wander and explore, to ‘live’ in the space. Overall, Jardan’s new flagship offers a more naturalistic and intimate vision for a retail space: one that is less like a store, more like a home.


Richmond, Melbourne




Architectural Design
Branded Spaces
Interior Design
Sustainable Design

Design Team

Iva Foschia
Paul Reilly


Photography by James Geer

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