Apivita is a brand synonymous with Athens and Greece, the first natural cosmetics company created in the birthplace of Hippocrates, the ‘Father of Medicine’. Apivita’s holistic health and beauty products are formulated from indigenous Greek plants and herbs, organic essential oils, and the highly-nutritious produce of the humble honey bee.

These rich foundations called for a design philosophy that incorporates the heritage of Ancient Greece, the healing wonders of the natural world, and most of all, the awe-inspiring life of bees.

The lustrous glow of honey and honeycomb are echoed throughout the store. Most assertively in the brass serving counters inset with polished display vessels formed like drops of golden honey. Also expressed in the honeycombed ceiling design and the flowing arrangement of the interior features.

To infuse the spirit of Greek hospitality, a central feature of the store design is a series of organically sculpted ‘hospitality tables’ offering Greek Mountain Tea and honey and the invitation to experience the products first hand. Connecting with Greek heritage from before the time of Christ, the tables are formed like the roughly-rendered terracotta urns Greek apiarists once used to contain their beehives.

The concept also incorporates a ‘natural pharmacy’ where customers can purchase personalized remedies formulated by an in-house naturopath. This area displays an array of bee products, natural potions, herbs and essential oils, with images printed on glass of the twisted trunks and silvery leaves of ancient olive groves. 

From our studies on bees, we learnt how they communicate to one another through what is know as a ‘waggle dance’. In a pattern echoing the ‘dance of the bees’, the store layout guides visitors through the space in a flowing fluid manner, emphasised by circles of brass set into the stone floor.

 From the moment a customer enters a Apivita store, we hope to transport them to the birthplace of Western civilisation and our spiritual, cultural and intellectual ancestors… and offer a brief experience of the extraordinary world of the bees.



Melbourne, Australia


Concept store


Interior Design
Branded Spaces
Decor & Styling

Design Team

Iva Foschia
Mimi West
Graham Ho
Kathryn McKenzie


Visualisation by Concrete Robot

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