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Yellowtrace Interview

Iva chats with Dana Tomić Hughes about IF Architecture's design approach, working in multiple typeologies and drawing the maximum emotion out of a space

"I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Iva once so far. Our encounter was very brief, having shared an extremely short car ride up the street, followed by an unfinished conversation at an intimate media preview of Jardan’s beautiful new Sydney showroom, which she designed. But despite our meeting being a brief one, I am quite certain I sensed what Iva is all about. In fact, her incredible body of work tells me all I need to know, and in person, she indeed confirmed she’s an exceptionally dedicated, passionate architect who is deeply committed to her craft and her clients. To use a Dana-ism here (cover your ears, I mean your eyes, if swear words offend you) – she is fair dinkum, really gives a shit and is fucking brilliant a what she does. Despite a pretty impressive string of major projects from a broad range of significant clients under her belt, there’s no hint of ego or bullshit there. Just really great work, a huge effort and a lot of heart delivered by a very tight team."